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I really wish people in my vicinity had more access to information that is relevent to them. It is out of this basic need that i am creating this wiki website
Remington gail or inscript these two options are avaiable in CPCT
Documentation link for using this wiki is here

MAPIT whatsapp group policy

Crypto currency notes

Advanced Contract Drafting skills

Current Affairs Leadership Insights from

Hindi Typing on ubuntu

How to write a research Paper ()
This is a page inspired by Anugrah Nagaich's talk in Vighyan Sadan, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh on 13th March 2019

Bhopal United Startup
This is page for Bnext folks who are coming together for startup ecosystem in Bhopal.

Disaster Management Institute Bhopal
This page is for my colleagues in DMI Bhopal. for the PGDDMI session 2017-18

Indian Restaurants in Japan

A few Indian Restaurants in Japan are here
(Over time would like to add the indian grocery stores info in here too )

MMS @IIPS Indore 2001

IIPS mms2 contact detalils page is here
If you are inclined to add info you can do so…. as i have enabled the Anon access to these pages.

School page. @Model HSS Bhopal

Model school friends page is here
Still have to add a lot of details in it .. and lot of other people to be added too ..
including shalab tripati .. and may be many more..

USD rates vs Rupee

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preferred dates 15th NOV 2017

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