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I really wish people in my vicinity had more access to information that is relevent to them. It is out of this basic need that i am creating this wiki website

Disaster Management Institute Bhopal
This page is for my colleagues in DMI Bhopal. for the PGDDMI session 2017-18

Indian Restaurants in Japan

A few Indian Restaurants in Japan are here
(Over time would like to add the indian grocery stores info in here too )

MMS @IIPS Indore 2001

IIPS mms2 contact detalils page is here
If you are inclined to add info you can do so…. as i have enabled the Anon access to these pages.

School page. @Model HSS Bhopal

Model school friends page is here
Still have to add a lot of details in it .. and lot of other people to be added too ..
including shalab tripati .. and may be many more..

USD rates vs Rupee

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preferred dates 15th NOV 2017

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