** As of today (23 Jan 08 ) all the colleagues who were there in Japan along with me have returned hence i am removing the entries that are now defunct or useless. **

my favourite coffee joint in japan


There was a burger place as well. I usaually had veg burger or chicken burger. Their omelette toast is also fabulous along with coffee

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Kanbay Japan Address

〒106-0047 東京都港区南麻布3-19-23 オーク南麻布ビル2F

TEL +81-3-4580-2700 FAX +81-3-4580-2701

Ascendant Business Solutions K.K. (Outsourcing company for Kanbay in Japan)

Michiko Kinoshita (Michiko is a "She" ;) in case you are wondering )

Senior Consultant
Ascendant Business Solutions K.K.
Oak Minami Azabu Building 2F
3-19-23 Minami Azabu, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 106-0047


Internet connection issue

It was found out that the signal from NTT is going there for sure.
But, there is something wrong with modular jack, or connecting way.
Therefore, please give me your contact number or please call the following now and ask how you should do.
Ms. Mori – Koei Kanri

Tel: +81-3-4580-2700
Tel: +81-3-4580-2730 (Direct)
Fax: +81-3-4580-2701

Kanbay/Capgemini guys in Japan

Worked for GE

(The project has finished and all these guys came back to India eventually.
Arun being the last guy from Kanbay to return on 21 Nov over here -update as on 20 nov 07)

GE Money address
Alt Ito Bldg., 1-6-21 Mita Meguro-ku Tokyo

Observations for new comers

  • You might want to bring a Pressure cooker (unless you know how to use Rice cooker)
  • Good idea to ask about Remote Control of A/C to some japanse guy. (I foolishly was shivering in cold until my boss asked

me .. to bring remote to office to tell about hte heating option in A/C )

  • Good idea to take a pic of the washing machine dashboard to know of its options and ask the Jap guy.
  • Laptop is a MUST as TV have only japanese channels (You can subscribe to indian channels on internet ) Thanks to the high download speeds you can have streaming vedio experience.
  • Its morning earlier than in India Around 4 30 in morning it is as if 6 am in India by 5 pm its alomost like 7 pm land of rising sun.
  • You can change your TCs in banks
  • There is a SBI bank in Yurakucho.
  • While going back to India total amount of goods duty free allowed is only 25000 Rs and not more than that. one laptop is free
  • Pls get the Japan Adapter from the laptop team otherwise you will need to buy one here in Japan
  • Ground floor is first floor
  • Arigato Gozaimas and Dozo mean thank you and thanks, ohayo means good morning
  • When you commit a time for completion of your work Japanese people invariably believe you and expect you to finish by that time. BEST is you take a 20% buffer and do it before expected completion date.
  • People take pride in their work even if it is lowliest of jobs (eg of cleaning the floor) they do it with full sincerity (I have seen a few people who are a little loose nut but still when they are doing their job they are totally engrossed in their work )
  • Eggs two kind brown ones and white ones .. half boiled eggs are also available directly off the shelf (can someone eloborate about the brown eggs ? )

Tokyo offers a variety of cuisines from many parts of the world, including Chinese, French, Italian and Indian food. It may be, however, difficult to find vegetarian dishes in ordinary restaurants. Below is a list of restaurants which serve vegetarian dishes as well as non-vegetarian dishes.
District: Ichigaya
Darjeeling Indian 3-16 Ichigayatamachi Tel: 03-3260-3281

District: Kokuryo
Lingam Indian Cocos Square 2F, 3-1-38 Kokuryo (1 min from Kokuryo South Exit, above Maruetsu Supermarket) Tel: 0424-43-2213

Indian restaurants in Japan


meguro_Indian_restaurants.gif+ Indian Restaurants in Japan
Laxmi Indian, Nepal San Ferista Meguro 2F, 2-27-1, Kami Osaki (1 min from Meguro West Exit) —-
Garonda Indian JR meguro station building 5th Floor

District: Nakano

Curry Leaf S. Indian Abe Building 2F, 3-1-2 Higashi Nakano (2 mins from Nigashi Nakano) —-
Govindas Indian 5-17-10 Nakano (7 mins from Nakano North Exit – ask to fax their map) 03-3387-8998
Kohrinbo Chinese Nakano Broadway 2F, 5-52-15 Nakano (10 mins from Nakano) 03-3385-7005

District: Roppongi Ichome

Devi Fusion N. Indian Roppongi SK Bldg 1F, 3-3-15 Roppongi (5 mins from Roppongi Ichome) Tel: 03-5570-4335

District: Shibuya

Raj Mahal Indian Cocos Square 2F, 3-1-38 Kokuryo (1 min from Kokuryo South Exit, above Maruetsu Supermarket) Tel: 03-3770-7677
Shizenkan Japanese Royal Bldg 1F, 3-9-2 Shibuya (5 mins from Shibuya) Tel: 03-3486-2661
Sora no Niwa Japanese(Tofu) Cherry Garden 1F, 4-17 Sakuragaokacho (5 mins from Shibuya) Tel: 03-5728-5191

District: Shinjuku

Khazana Indian Shinjuku Takano Dai-Ni Bldg B1F, 3-30-11 Shinjuku (3 mins from Shinjuku) Tel: 03-3352-9455
Sizzler American Shinjuku Mitsui Bldg 2F, 2-1-1 Nishi Shinjuku (5 mins from Shinjuku West Exit) Tel: 03-3342-5814
Taz Mahal Indian Mirutosu Bldg, 1-4-19 Nishi Shinjuku (5 mins from Shinjuku West Exit) Tel: 03-3343-1718

Grocery Stores in Japan


(Largest Importer - Distributors of Indian foods- Wine-Whisky-Rum-Beer-Paneer and Frozen foods)

Maya Bazaar


Financial status

Check out the latest fluctuation in Japanese yen compared to INR
The higher the curve goes the better it is for indians working in Japan.
(Unfortunately it is at its floor in past 5 years )

Latest news about exchange rate is here

Japan Immigration office (Shinagawa)

Places to visit in Japan


Connecting Trains and Lines to change from source to destination.

Meiji shrine



Japanese tea gardens

Art galleries in Japan (!!!)

..any other…

Alien registration card

This is usaually given after you get the CoE that is Certificate of Eligibility for working in Japan.

Your passport is something that embassy understands .. but if you want to open a bank account in Japan or even get that Vedio Library membership you will need to have this ALien Registration card.. AND yes Once you get it you are SUPPOSED to KEEP it with you at all Times (BY LAW). Heavy Penalty if you fail to produce it on request.

Indian Movie sites

We can enjoy streaming Vedio, thanks to the fast internet wifi connections (i have had seen 162 KBPS download speed on wifi at my home and still no impact on audio vedio streaming in seperate application)

http://www.rajshri.com/ has many old time hits and some new ones .. contains a lot of TV Serials including Malgudi Days and Fauji.
http://lucky88.eigenstart.nl/ latest movies .. (streaming vedio)
http://www.matrimonialbank.com/ I am not sure how matrimonial is related to movies but you get movies here. (Dont ask me why ?)
Note P2P sharing and Torrents are your big friend try to search about them if you do not already know about it.

Courier International


Tokyo International Post Office
Planning and Coordination Section
5-14, Shinsuna 3-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 138-8799
(Note : Take Marunuochi South exit from Tokyo JR station you will see it in front)
Its open on Sat-Sun too (I think upto 7 pm)
You can get a predefined box from there itself for some 360yen (as of aug 07)


Check the link below.. it has more useful pointers.


Custom officials Did stop me when they xrayed that i am carrying 2 laptops. One Official and One Personal.
The paper that i had from Kanbay mentioning the Official laptop was actually just a request on Kanbay letterhead mentioning laptop is of Kanbay.
Customs mentioned it to be not valid as they wanted some customs seal on that letter. They even calculated that i need to pay 12k INR as Customs on my second laptop.

Anyhow i told them politely that this is a company laptop and they can keep it if they have objection with 2 laptop. Somehow after some more talking things worked fine. I think the day being 15th Aug Independence day also helped to lift their patriotic and honest feelings.

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