Class of 2001 MMS 2 Yrs. IIPS Indore

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(Folks from time to time we see job requirements in our companies which do not normally get published in newspapers but all of us know someone - relatives, cousins etc who is presently looking for an opening. I have created this page to put information of such vacancies on this wikisite. Lets see if this idea can fly or not)

Top News Section
Thanks to Om Narayan for providing his latest details
Ambi,Anusheel,Sunil and Vikas Meet at Bake n Shake Jyoti talkies to catch up on old times! and wish Diwali.
Happy Diwali folks
Where is Rajesh Marko ?
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Class of 2001 Management students of International Institute of Professional Studies, DAVV, Indore. Coming from all over India and going ahead to Represent the managers of tommorrow.


(A group official photo still need to put in .. seriously doubt we have all the people in the list)

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Gearing up for Grand Reunion on 2-3 August 2014. Venue is yet not decided…there is a tough competition between Indore and Bhopal….

A few of us met at Bhopal


(Email ids marked with * are bouncing)

Contact Info

It was 2001 when we all graduated from IIPS and by now its more than 6 years. Request your help in maintaining contact info current and usable.

Name Email DOB Permanent Address Current Address Permanent Home Number Company Work Phone Mobile Number Current Home Number
Abhishek Agarwal moc.oohay|0002_lawraga_kehsihba#moc.oohay|0002_lawraga_kehsihba 23-Jun
Aditya Pandit pls update ??
Ambikesh Pagare moc.liamg|eragap.hsekibma#moc.liamg|eragap.hsekibma 26-Nov L-45, RSS Market, Bus Stop No. 5, Bhopal - 462016 Flat # 103, Sri Sai Shakti Apt, Somajiguda, Hyderabad 91-755-2558645 ADP Hyderabad 04066378078 09989488645
Amit Bagla *moc.liamtoh|yzarc_algabtima#moc.liamtoh|yzarc_algabtima 28-Jul
Amol Shah moc.oohay|ni_hahsloma#moc.oohay|ni_hahsloma 03-oct Burhanpur (M.P) 1300 L, Weeping Willow Dr, Lynchburg, VA, 24501 (USA) 07325251778 TCSL 0014344440960 0014342291550
Ankit Shyam moc.liamffider|mayhstikna#moc.liamffider|mayhstikna 10-Aug in Agra UTI bank
Chandan Narayan ku.oc.oohay|nayarannadnahc#ku.oc.oohay|nayarannadnahc, moc.liamtoh|nayarannadnahc#moc.liamtoh|nayarannadnahc 1st July K-3/48, Hans Stohr Road, Telco Colony, Jamshedpur - 831004 6-D2/8, Siddarth Nagar, Phase I, University Road, Aundh, Pune - 411007 06572281457 Kanbay 27601000 ext 3241 9881473229
Chandrasekhar Chauhan pls update ??
Gaurav Gaur 18-Aug
Gunjan moc.hcetofni-dnim|inangug.najnug#moc.hcetofni-dnim|inangug.najnug 19-May
Hari moc.liamffider|7739_irahs#moc.liamffider|7739_irahs 9-Mar
Himanshu Gunjan *moc.liamffider|najnuguhsnamih#moc.liamffider|najnuguhsnamih 1-Feb
Himanshu Pratap moc.liamffider|87uhsnamih#moc.liamffider|87uhsnamih 29-Sep H.NO. 686, Sector 05, Urban Estate, Kurukshetra (Haryana) H.No. B-II 78, BCCL Township Koyla Nagar Dhanbad (Jharkhand) Bharat Coking Coal Limied (A Subsidary of Coal India Ltd.) Koyla Bhawan, Koyla Nagar Dhanbad 09430310260
Jaggi moc.liamg|inias.tijgaj#moc.liamg|inias.tijgaj Aug. 14 Stillwater, OK, USA 0014053342855
Kshitij ni.oc.oohay|90_jitihsk#ni.oc.oohay|90_jitihsk 3-Jul
Mallu moc.oohay|jar_77_jar#moc.oohay|jar_77_jar 24-Oct
Manish moc.oohay|spii_hsinam#moc.oohay|spii_hsinam 19-Aug
Manoj Sharma *moc.oohay|amrahsslliw#moc.oohay|amrahsslliw 6-Dec
Meenal *moc.liamffider|321amrahs_laneem#moc.liamffider|321amrahs_laneem 20-Oct
Nishant moc.oohay|0002_7713tnahsin#moc.oohay|0002_7713tnahsin 31-Dec 09373079650 Ma Foi Pune
Neerja Nigam
Nuzhat Husain moc.tnazingoc|niasuH.tahzuN#moc.tnazingoc|niasuH.tahzuN 22-Sept
OM NARAYAN ni.oc.oohay|671nayaranmo#ni.oc.oohay|671nayaranmo 01/05/76 98, keshav nagar kodaria mhow m.p 453441 same as Perm 07324-220161 Guruji products pvt ltd (Fmcg) Work Phone 0731-2856062 9754844166 07324-220161
Pankaj Meghani moc.liamg|inahgemp#moc.liamg|inahgemp 12-Apr
Pankaj Sharma moc.oohay|su_amrahsjaknap#moc.oohay|su_amrahsjaknap 14-Feb Kolkata 09830808914 ICICI Web Trade as Zonal Manager
Pant moc.liamtoh|tnap_hseham#moc.liamtoh|tnap_hseham Feb
Pooja Garg moc.liamtoh|28akitin#moc.liamtoh|28akitin 13-Sep
Pooja Verma *moc.liamtoh|amrevlajoop#moc.liamtoh|amrevlajoop 12-Aug
Pranav Verma moc.oohay|1002amrevvanarp#moc.oohay|1002amrevvanarp 20 July Patni Computer Systems Ltd. -Not available as of now- Mobile Number Current Home Number
Purva moc.oohay|87avrup#moc.oohay|87avrup 29-Jul
Rajesh Pamecha moc.oohay|ahcemaphsejar#moc.oohay|ahcemaphsejar 17-Sep
Rakesh Meghani moc.liamffider|inahgem_r#moc.liamffider|inahgem_r 17-Oct
Rakesh Marko
Rupesh moc.liamffider|rk3hsepur#moc.liamffider|rk3hsepur Delhi Zonal Office GAIL (India) Limited
Sameer Kharate pls update ??
Shashi moc.liamg|ihsahslawraga#moc.liamg|ihsahslawraga 23-Mar Somerset, NJ, USA
Shivani moc.liamtoh|ramainavihs#moc.liamtoh|ramainavihs 8-Apr
Shreeram marathe moc.liamg|2002ehtaram#moc.liamg|2002ehtaram 17/08/1977 201-The Empire CHS, Plot No. 25, Sector 20-C, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra C-404, Sector 2, Sun City, South Bopal, Ahmedabad - 58 Mob. No. 9033070877 XXXXXX Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Ltd. 02717-400208 02715-305000 #9118 9099993677
Sunil Choudhary moc.liamg|yrahduohc.linus#moc.liamg|yrahduohc.linus 27th July 170-A Alkapuri Bhopal Pin -462024 Bhopal address not working MAP_IT 09179933766 9179933766 none
Somvendra Vikram Kelwa moc.liamg|awlekardnevmos#moc.liamg|awlekardnevmos
Vikas Gangpari moc.liamg|sakiv.irapgnag#moc.liamg|sakiv.irapgnag 5-Mar Bhopal Director at WWW.SEOBEAM.COM
Zulfikar Ali moc.oohay|99ilarakifluz#moc.oohay|99ilarakifluz 31 Dec Dubai

Latest news (guys pls update this info )

Name News
Abhishek Agarwal Last heard opened one more paper factory
Ambikesh Pagare Back from US Presently working for the Transaction Processing company ADP in Hyderabad blessed with a beautiful baby girl "Pari"
Amit Bagla Presently in US through Indegene Home base in Bangalore
Amol Shah Last heard in US….. Still in US, working with Genworth Financials as lead DBA.
Ankit Shyam In Agra with UTI bank as as Branch Sales Manager - Retail Loans
Anusheel Shrivastava Moved to UK. Based out of London (UK) with TNS UK….is still bachelor
Chandan Narayan Joined Kanbay/CapGemini recently in Pune
Chandrasekhar Chauhan pls update
Gaurav Gaur pls update
Gunjan pls update
Hari Last heard is in Pune with Software company
Himanshu Gunjan Last met in Feb 2005 & found he has shifted to Reliance Communications.
Himanshu Pratap Now in COAL India
Jaggi back in US got married life is settled
Kshitij was in Atlas Cycles for a few years before starting his own factory in Ludhiana
Mallu Settled in Philadelphia with wife and a pair of twins.
Manish Gupta was in Hero Cycles now started his own factory in Ludhiana
Manoj Sharma where is our guitarist !!
Meenal in UK, working as a FreeLancer Web Architect.
Nishant Presently in Pune
Neerja Nigam Probably in Bhopal married and settled
Nuzhat Husain Was in Bhopal with NetLink for a long time afterward joined Cognizent Pune, Presently in US
Om Narayan With Guruji brand of sherbat
Pankaj Meghani Consultant in Cisco Systems, San Jose, California.
Pankaj Sharma in Kolkata
Pant Working with Farmers Insurance Group in Los Angeles. Got Married
Pooja Garg Joined DiReM after MMS got married to Nishant, left DiReM & then rejoined DiReM.
Pooja Verma Mumbai .. got married life settled .. . working with UTI Bank.
Pranav Back from US shifted home base to BHopal from jabalpur enjoying baarish in Patni Navi Mumbai
Purva In Mathura Enjoying life with hubby & 2.5 Year old son Arnav
Rajesh Pamecha Delhi with net4India now shifted to Reliance
Rajesh Rajan Senior Water Resources Engineer, Philadelphia
Rakesh Meghani Branch Head-Expansion at global direct
Rakesh Marko
Rupesh joined GAIL happy ever after trf to Delhi
Sameer Kharate Pls update
Shashi Last heard in US
Shreeram In Aug 2014, Moved to Ahmedabad, transitioning to become Gujju Bhai. Joined Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Ltd in Aug 2014. Now - Senior Manager - Security & Technology….automating the Physical Security for the company
Sunil Choudhary Shifted to Bhopal working in State Planning Commission via MAP_IT
Somvendra Vikram Kelwa Axis Bank Ltd. as a Regional Sales Manager for Mortgages, got married and presently in Indore
Vikas Gangpari In Bhopal with Run Own WEB Promotion company -
Zulfikar Ali Left Singapore and Joined ENSCO in Dubai.Here is the link to his wedding snaps

Action Items

- Get the right email ids of those whose ids are bouncing.
*moc.liamffider|321amrahs_laneem#moc.liamffider|321amrahs_laneem - this is still bouncing - 22 oct 2009
- Follow up with people on email whos info is not present.
Gaurav GOur
Gunjan Gugnani
Manish Gupta
Manoj Sharma
Sameer Kharate
Aditya Pandit
Om Narayan - thanks for updating the information

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